Saturday, March 25, 2006

Blog 101

The yellow highlighted words are links to the named pages.

The objectives of this workshop are, that at its conclusion, you will be familiar with:

» the origin of the term ‘blog’ and related words

» the possible uses of a blog web site

» using Blogger the free blog creator

» the blog site creation process

» establishing your own blog site

» selecting a template for your site

» the features of your ‘post’ page

» ‘posting’ pages to your blog site by

» a copy/paste from Word

» using Blogger for Word

» uploading images to your blog site

» direct from the ‘post’ settings

» from Picasa

» changing ‘post’ formatting

» editing/deleting a page on your blog site

» altering the template of your blog site

» creating and changing your ‘profile

» sources for searching for ‘blog’ directories.

It is suggested you view some blog sites to view what can be done. Try

» (freeware)

» (a family gathering record)

» (a blog site with the profile above)

» (section of a life story)

» (notice of an art exhibition)

» (flash slideshow demonstration)

» (lawyer jokes – demo site)